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Why Do Asians Drink Hot Water and Hot Tea?

Why do Asians drink hot water

When you are with your Asian friends or you are in an Asian restaurant, do you notice that they like drinking a warm drink? Then you may think, ‘Why do Asians drink hot water and hot tea‘? Today we are going to discuss what is the reason behind the hot drinks and hot tea principles.


Why Do Asians Drink Hot Water and Hot Tea?

Tea is a traditional thing

Indeed, tea is one of the most important elements in Asian culture, which is consumed anytime anywhere throughout an Asian woman’s life. Even young students bring a bottle of tea to class every day, which they drink and fill again and again with hot water.

The main principle behind the hot drink

The main principle behind this is that a warm body prevents diseases and allows the chi (or energy and blood) to flow better and more smoothly.  Asians think that a cold body without proper circulation is the cause of unhealthiness, such as cough, sneezing, and allergies, and when you accumulate the cold or unhealthiness to a certain stage, it may lead to severe disease.

Asian studies on traditional medicine have proven that all terminal patients have a cold body, especially the ones with cancer. This is also the same principle behind the use of ginger, onions, and spicy in most of the dishes. Asians believe that these ingredients, when used in the food, increase the temperature of the body.

It is widely acknowledged that a fever must be stopped with high temperatures and sweating can flush toxins out of the body. That’s why our body will activate fever as a defensive shield to the foreign pathogens. Modern medicine, however, tends to do the opposite, as it stops the temperature inside the body to rise, therefore keeping the toxins inside. As “keep the body warm” is the main philosophical principle justifying drinking tea, iced tea is unacceptable.

why traditional tea is good for body


The habit of drinking tea includes adding medicinal herbs or fruits according to the characteristics of your body condition. Usually, Asians will add flowers and plants according to their needs. Among all, goji berries and ginger tend to top the list. Tea is also used to boost digestion, after and during meals, or even to prevent and cure stomachache.

Also, Asian woman has the belief that if the body digests food more easily then less is stock in the stomach and therefore reduce the risks of gaining fat. Therefore, Asian women often drink merely hot water the whole day and you seldom see them drinking soft drinks or order cold drinks in a restaurant.


Final words

Even though this is a public secret to Asians, Westerners should know that Asians do not put sugar when preparing a set because it would see the benefits that tea can provide to the body naturally. If you have other thoughts about why Asians like drinking hot drinks, please feel free to comment and let us know.

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