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Ultimate Flower Guide For Lunar Chinese New Year


Because of the proximity of Chinese New Year to spring on the lunar calendar, homes are decorated with fresh flowers to commemorate the hope a new year and season will bring. Here is an ultimate flower guide that you can use in Lunar Chinese New Year. 

There are several types of flowers that hold significance, and red is the most auspicious and favored color. A prosperity tree—usually a miniature citrus tree or simply bare twigs—often completes the home. The Chinese use red string to tie red envelopes and old coins to the branches as an offering to the God of Wealth for a prosperous year.

Flowers and its meanings

Usually, Chinese like using the following flowers to decorate the home in Lunar Chinese New Year. You can use this guide as a reference and put the flowers with reference to the meaning it has in your home.

Ultimate Flower Guide For Lunar Chinese New Year

Flower NameMeaning
NarcissusGood fortune and prosperity
Evergreen Pine and CypressGreat mortality, vitality, and endurance
PeachLong life
 Buddha’s Hand CitronHappiness and longevity
 Quince Branches and BlossomsFlourishing splendor and prosperity
 KumquatGold and prosperity
OrchidLove and fertility
 PeonySpring and wealth
LotusSummer and purity
Chrysanthemum Autumn; the flower of the recluse, hardiness Plum Blossom  Winter; pure, honest friendship; perseverance
Plum BlossomWinter; pure, honest friendship; perseverance




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